Kenya’s Newest Action Packed Activity

Kenya’s Newest Action Packed Activity

There is a new, exciting, enthralling activity in town. HEPA Kenya brings you the HEPA Escape Rooms, Kenya’s newest action packed activity. The escape rooms are designed to test your group’s creativity, resourcefulness, resilience and teamwork as you endeavor to solve immersive puzzles and break yourselves out of the room in sixty minutes.

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a locked room immersed in a fantasy storyline or plot. The aim of the game is to solve the adventure mystery within 60 minutes. The participants need to work together as a team as well as create and implement the right strategies in order to find the hidden clues within the room. They will then use these clues to solve the mystery and jailbreak from the room.

Why is it epic?

The pressure and intensity within each of these rooms is exhilarating. You have one hour to find the hidden clues as you attempt to understand the storyline, and complete the mission. All of you have to be quick-witted if you are going to make it out of the room within the given time. You also need to work well together, communicate effectively, and leverage each other’s strengths to manage a successful jailbreak.

Each member of the team has a part to play, and your speed, as well as your collective intelligence, can make or break you.

Remember, it is also not just about breaking out of the room in time; there are also previous records to shutter.

Description of the rooms

There are three main HEPA Escape rooms. These are:

  1. Attack on the State House

In this escape room, terrorists have attacked Kenya, and taken over State House. The terrorists have vowed to stop at nothing until they reach the President, and they will probably do him some serious harm if they take him hostage. As the President’s chief of security, you are charged with the responsibility of protecting him and leading him to safety. Can you save the President of the Republic before the terrorists get to him?

  1. Grand Theft Art

In this immersive episode, you have successfully sneaked into an oil tycoon’s mansion. There is a party going on at this billionaire’s expansive home, and you intend to use the occasion as a distraction to enable you to reach the underground cellar. You have received credible intel that this is where the tycoon has hidden a valuable painting that can fetch you a pretty penny on the black market. Your prerogative: steal the painting and escape unnoticed by anyone at the party. Do you have the aptitude of a master thief?

  1. Murder on the Lunatic Express

You are among the first passengers on the newly built Kenya-Uganda railway. The new railway line has received praise from all over the world and you are proud to be amongst those in the maiden train. Unfortunately, one of the passengers has been murdered. Everyone is a suspect at this point, and you are charged with figuring out who the true killer is. Are you a detective at heart? If you are, then this is the perfect escape room for you.


Kenya's Newest Action Packed Activity

Anyone is allowed to play inside the HEPA Escape rooms. However, children under 15 should come accompanied by an adult.

Each group of participants can have 2 to 10 individuals. This activity is perfect for groups of friends, tourists, avid gamers, and family members. Corporate teams can also enjoy this activity, as it is ideal for team-building efforts. Remember, the larger the group, the less the entry fee.


The HEPA Escape rooms are probably the most exciting thing activity in Nairobi. The best thing is you can book an escape room any day of the week. Come and have the hour of your life solving puzzles with your friends, co-workers, and loved ones.



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